About Pocket River
Who is Pocket River?
On the surface, Pocket River is a mobile game publisher, working with numerous developers to bring great titles to life on the iOS and Android platforms on a global scale. Founded in 2011, Pocket River is constructed with skilled technicians and an outstanding marketing and promotion staff to achieve the goal of world-class customer service and support. We know the difficulties of breaking through in the mobile game market and we are here to help!
What We Do?
We help developers publish games and provide marketing and daily support services. We are dedicated to bringing the most efficient and beneficial service to both players and developers. Most importantly, we provide a social platform which connects players around the world.
Our Vision
Pocket River was founded with the long-term goal of become the world's leading publisher of social mobile games. To achieve this goal, we are always adding more talented staff to our team as our lineup of quality mobile game titles continues to grow. We dedicate ourselves to provide premium services to our developer's hard work and put the products in the hands of our players. At Pocket River, we believe that games are more fun with friends so we have the vision to integrate mobile games with social platforms to reach more players and have more fun!
How to Contact us?

HQ Office(Cheng Du)

Mailto: support@pocketriver.com